Five great early winter hikes in Salt Lake City

Mount Van Cott View

We’ve already had a good amount of snowfall on the Wasatch Mountains covering some of the higher trails that I haunted throughout the hot summer months. I’m not giving up hiking just yet however. Now is a perfect time to hike some of my favorite trails along the “Front Range” of the Wasatch. These are […]

The value of persistence: Glacier’s Red Eagle Lake

Red Eagle Trail Bridge

A couple of summers ago I visited Glacier National Park and hiked to Red Eagle Lake. I’d already put on a lot of miles before that 17-mile day. The mosquitoes were relentless at the beginning of the hike and I had a lot on mind. Basically, I questioned myself for heading out. When I got […]

Finding a clear view: Butler Fork to Mount Raymond

Mount Raymond Utah View

It is not the eye that understands, but the mind. ~ African proverb A rocky knife-edge rose up ahead of me like the spine of a large monster. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic because I really don’t like heights. I stood there alone, wondering if this really was the trail to Mount Raymond. “Seriously, […]

Gratitude on the Triple Falls Trail, Oregon

Oneonta Creek Pano

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind. ~ Albert Einstein A self-indulgent whim hit me and I hit purchase on a flight to Portland, Oregon. Thoughts of cooler temps and a visit to Columbia Sportswear’s headquarters filled my head. I’d seen photos of hikes in the Columbia River Gorge area […]

Photo escape: Sunset and wildflowers at Alta Ski Area

Alta Ski Area Sunset

I picked my camera up for fun last night after nearly three months of only shooting work photos. A friend had invited me to view the wildflower bloom and sunset at Alta Ski Area about 35 minutes from my home in Salt Lake City. Realizing I hadn’t had my Nikon outdoors since I moved here, […]

Nature’s show: The Wasatch Wildflower Festival

Mother Nature showing off on one of Snowbird's trails.

My first summer in Salt Lake City has been a joy, wildflowers of all colors, shapes and sizes are already lining trails throughout the high Wasatch Range and will soon reach their peak. I just found out that coinciding with nature’s show is the 2013 Wasatch Wildflower Festival taking place July 26, 27 and 28th. […]