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How cleaning your gear can prevent the spread of pests.

Think you’re leaving no trace? Here’s something you might have missed

When backpacking in alpine environments, or anywhere for that matter, I’m a stickler for following Leave No Trace principles. Let … [Read More...]

FlipBelt Hydration Belt Info

FlipBelt Hydration Belt Review

  Heaving myself through the living room window, I prayed the neighbors wouldn’t call the police... My keys were … [Read More...]

Fall Hikes Near Salt Lake City

My [growing] Collection of Top Utah Hiking Trails

In this post I share my top Utah hiking trail posts organized by area, season, difficulty and even one for dogs who hike. Most I … [Read More...]

Hydrating at Altitude

Hydrating for Extreme Adventure

Headaches, nausea, and confusion are wearing you down and you can’t continue. “I have to turn back,” you mumble, calling an end to … [Read More...]

Sun Basket Meal Review

From farm to my table: Sun Basket (really) delivered

Whoa! This is one product review I’d like to volunteer to do over and over. Sun Basket was that good! That it included food … [Read More...]

10 Burning Man Images

Keeping it real: 10 images of Burning Man 2015

For one week per year, an ancient lake-bed filled with alkali dust becomes the third largest city in Nevada. When it’s over, not a … [Read More...]