Photo of the day: View from Observation Point Trail in Zion

View from the trail leading to Observation Point in Zion National Park. Amazing!

The changing color of the rock in Zion was nearly as impressive as the size of the cliffs. Sometimes the color shift was so sudden it looked like it had been striped by a painter. Unfortunately our hike on the Observation Point Trail had us shooting photos into the sun most of the day. Next […]

Out on a ledge in Zion National Park

Another good photo op along our hike to Observation Point. This one didn't bother me as much....

“Nope, no way, I’m not climbing out on that rock so you can take a picture,” was the last thing I said before climbing out on that rock just off the Observation Point Trail in Zion National Park. Confession time, “The Active Explorer” is afraid of heights, not all heights, just natural ledges when I’m […]