The value of persistence: Glacier’s Red Eagle Lake

Red Eagle Trail Bridge

A couple of summers ago I visited Glacier National Park and hiked to Red Eagle Lake. I’d already put on a lot of miles before that 17-mile day. The mosquitoes were relentless at the beginning of the hike and I had a lot on mind. Basically, I questioned myself for heading out. When I got […]

Six Things to See and Do in Eastern Glacier National Park

Swiftcurrent Pass Trail

Information overload. That’s the typical response when visitors arrive on the eastern side of Glacier National Park, Montana. When a friend asked what he should see during his one-day visit, I was stumped. “One day?” I confirmed in awe, “but there’s so much to see!” Once I wrapped my head around his question, I suggested […]

Blown away: Glacier National Park’s Cracker Lake Trail

Cracker Lake

      I wrote this post as part of my MatadorU writing course.  Our assignment was to flash-back from today to a memorable event. The trail to Cracker Lake was one of the most memorable I’ve ever hiked, especially since it was the windiest – at least 40 mph, maybe more. Enjoy.   My […]