Finding a clear view: Butler Fork to Mount Raymond

Mount Raymond Utah View

It is not the eye that understands, but the mind. ~ African proverb A rocky knife-edge rose up ahead of me like the spine of a large monster. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic because I really don’t like heights. I stood there alone, wondering if this really was the trail to Mount Raymond. “Seriously, […]

Two lakes, one hike: Dog and Desolation Lakes

Trail Sign to Dog and Desolation

I have come to see the nonsense of trying to describe fine scenery. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne Some hikes just aren’t long enough. That was the case when I hiked to Dog Lake in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City. The hike had nice elevation gain and a little bit of snow to trudge through, […]

Photo escape: Wet spring hiking

Big Cottonwood Hike

Snow melt swells streams as temperatures warm in the spring, especilly in steep canyons. This weekend my sister and I hiked up Mule Hollow in Big Cottonwood Canyon just outside of Salt Lake City. The crossed a small stream no less than 10 times each direction…we quit counting. Laura shot this photo on our way back down the […]