A ‘Bolt’ of innovation by Goal Zero.


There are countless ways to build a flashlight and the folks at Goal Zero have taken the time and really put some thought into the ‘Bolt’ and their take on this essential tool. Included with your Bolt are, a USB cable, A/C wall adapter and users guide. Billet aluminum with an abundance of machining and […]

What’s in my pack: A pair of Holeys clogs

My Holeys hang out on the side of my pack. If I have a small load, I'll put them inside.

There’s a story behind my camp shoes. After backpacking for several days on the Appalachian Trail, my friend and I headed to Damascus, Virginia, also known as Trail Town USA, due to the convergence of four scenic trails: the Appalachian Trail, Trans-America National Bicycle Trail, The Iron Mountain Trail, and the Virginia Creeper Trail. Damascus […]