A trail of contrasts: Mills Lake, Colorado

A trail of contrasts

This trail report is a re-post from my original blog, Trail Ridge Outdoors. Enjoy!   Dark clouds flowing over the mountains discouraged most of our group from hiking to Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), but my aunt and I weren’t about to miss this hike. A Twitter friend, @RMNP4MS had recommended it […]

Peaceful paddle

Sometimes I find a place I can only call meditative. It’s where I just want to sit down and ponder life or journal in one of my (too) many notebooks. This photo, taken near Wekiwa Springs, Florida, shows one of those places. When I look at it I just want to see what is around […]

Muddy TAG cavers support conservation

Photo-op in Limrock Blowing Cave

“Fire, fire, fire…,” chants the crowd, as a longhaired man wearing bat-print pajama bottoms launches a flaming arrow into the 20-foot tall bonfire. It lights with a loud ka-thump! About then, another lovely fellow wearing a red ball gown and blond wig allows me to take some glamour-shots of him before moving on into the […]

Trip Report: Backpacking California’s Evolution Valley

Laura Manina, my sister and fellow backpacker, shares her experiences and tips on backpacking a 57-mile loop to the Evolution Valley. Many thanks to her for this great post and pictures! You can learn more about her travels with her husband, Mitch, on CruisingSailors.com. ~   Evolution Valley. First, it was a suggestion, and then […]

From gym to trail: Adjust your workout for backpacking

Lady Backpacker

It’s time to think about fitness for backpacking. Throughout the cold winter, you dragged yourself into the gym and resisted becoming a couch potato, lifted weights, walked the treadmill, and maybe took a fitness class or two. Now that the spring flowers have bloomed and you’re thinking of adventure sports and backpacking. Be careful. You’re […]

Slippery When Wet – Caving TAG

Rappelling into Signal Light Cave

Enjoy this post on my favorite adventure sport, caving….   Flat on my belly, I was laying in an underground puddle trying to push myself under a collection of stalactites without causing damage.  The icy water soaked my coveralls and made the going easier. I think the saying is, “slippery when wet.”  Using my toes […]