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Half-marathon training

Why it took 13.1 miles to believe I’m a runner

I’m a runner. There, I said it. I wouldn’t believe it until I ran a half-marathon, but now I can’t deny it. I didn’t run just any … [Read More...]

Planning meals on the run.

A menu for adventure: Staying active and well fed

  I like to eat. This mostly has to do with my active lifestyle; I burn calories fast when I’m running, climbing, or … [Read More...]

Alta Lodge Winter

What to Expect at the Alta Lodge

I'm always on the prowl for hangouts with local flavor. Even though Steve and I ski at Alta most of the winter, I had yet to visit … [Read More...]

Getting the Shot

Using photography to share and inspire

I was deeply honored to be featured on Nikon's Image Chaser Blog recently. They asked me to share how I use photography in my … [Read More...]

Loch Lomand Review - Ventilation and Waterproof

Columbia Sportswear Men’s Loch Lomond Omni-Dry® Waterproof Jacket

My last two waterproof shells were not good long-term investments. Both were from popular and otherwise reputable brands. Both … [Read More...]

Sun Dog by DPS

Sun Dog: A moving and inspiring ski film (VIDEO)

Sun Dog, a short film produced by DPS Cinematic, is easily the best short bit of adventure cinema I’ve seen in an exceptionally … [Read More...]