Orlando Wetlands Park: Trails, wildlife, and wastewater treatment

Orlando Wetlands Park-1

The first time I hiked at the Orlando Wetlands Park it didn’t fully sink in that the area was actually a 1,220-acre wastewater treatment project. I mean, it’s absolutely gorgeous and full of wildlife. This visit, I grew more curious as I noticed culverts directing water flow from section to section. In another area, I […]

Capture the colors photo essay

Earlier this month I was nominated to enter the TravelSupermarket.com Capture the Color contest by Ted of Traveling Ted. It was a lot of fun digging through my photos looking for each color. I also realized that I should use the color-tagging feature in Lightroom, but what fun would that be? The hardest part was […]

Muddy TAG cavers support conservation

Photo-op in Limrock Blowing Cave

“Fire, fire, fire…,” chants the crowd, as a longhaired man wearing bat-print pajama bottoms launches a flaming arrow into the 20-foot tall bonfire. It lights with a loud ka-thump! About then, another lovely fellow wearing a red ball gown and blond wig allows me to take some glamour-shots of him before moving on into the […]

A close encounter with Florida’s manatees

Florida Manatee Swimming

As I slipped into the water, the cold took my breath away, but soon the wetsuit did its job and I felt better. At first, I couldn’t see anything due to disturbed silt, but then a large form materialized in front of me and there I was, just feet from an adult manatee. I stopped […]

Exploring natural Florida at Babcock Wilderness Reserve

Bus at Babcock Ranch

I’m exploring Charlotte County, Florida, this week thanks to the Charlotte Harbor Visitors and Convention Bureau. The reason I am so interested in this area is that it offers abundant adventure travel options. Our focus during this trip is birding and eco-tourism.  Today we visited the 90,000-acre Babcock Wilderness Preserve via a converted school bus run […]

Slippery When Wet – Caving TAG

Rappelling into Signal Light Cave

Enjoy this post on my favorite adventure sport, caving….   Flat on my belly, I was laying in an underground puddle trying to push myself under a collection of stalactites without causing damage.  The icy water soaked my coveralls and made the going easier. I think the saying is, “slippery when wet.”  Using my toes […]