A menu for adventure: Staying active and well fed

Planning meals on the run.

  I like to eat. This mostly has to do with my active lifestyle; I burn calories fast when I’m running, climbing, or paddling. Because I’m on the go constantly, I have to pack healthy food to avoid eating convenience-store crap or restaurant food. The problem is keeping the food cold and yummy while I’m […]

Outdoor goodie giveaway!

Coleman Mini 1st Aid Kit

I’m excited to share that I’ve agreed to be a brand ambassador for Potable Aqua, and its parent company, Wisconsin Pharmaceutical. Who is Wisconsin Pharmaceutical? You may be more familiar with their Coleman branded first aid kits, bug repellants, and Sting Eze. I’m approached by many brands to do reviews or they simply want me […]

Hiking Utah’s Mount Olympus (and telling Asthma to stick it)

Summit of Mount Olympus

You’ll never find a better sparring partner than adversity. ~Walt Schmidt Step pause, step pause, each one just little higher than the last. The trail seemed to have no end of “up” and I was struggling. About that time, and hiker training for a rim-to-rim-to-rim run of the Grand Canyon lapped me for the second […]

An Aerial Valentine: The World’s Most Breath-Taking Locales

Zeppelin Ride

By Chris Oquist – BanyanPilotShop.net While I’m no Anthony Bourdain, I like to think that I’m somewhat well-traveled. This Valentine’s Day, I’m offering up some of the most breath-taking locales I’ve had the pleasure of viewing from the air. Ditch the roses and chocolates, these are the gifts that will be remembered forever. Nazca Desert […]

Playtime at Snowbird Ski Resort: Oktoberfest and epic views

Active Explorer on top of Hidden Peak

Seriously overworked with a case of sleep deprivation, I drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon for a needed break at Snowbird Ski Resort. My plan…meet with fellow blogger Joshua Riggins for an afternoon of Oktoberfest fun, connect with the Ski Utah crew for dinner on Hidden Peak, enjoy drinks at Aerie, and spend the night in […]

Explore the Gambia: Nature Opportunities

Baboon Island

African destinations continue to be a popular choice for holidaymakers looking for a little more adventure than the typical short haul summer spots, and with Gambia flights from flythomascook, you can enjoy what this west coast country has to offer for less. While the stunning coastline and beautiful weather provide much of the appeal for […]

Solo expression: Challenge Buttress

Winky and Waxman go bolting

Rarely do we get to express ourselves as purely as we’d like to but when it does happen, it’s truly a thing of beauty! Recently, many things have been put into an intricate perspective for me and I am continually learning how grow with them. It seems all too often we get trapped in a […]

Five ways to make enemies at a public campground

Decorated Campsite

Folks who enjoy camping often find time with nature appealing. They like watching wildlife, relaxing by a fire and escaping the noise of city-life. Public campgrounds are full of these unique people and offer wonderful opportunities to express your inner jerk. Take your talents out of town and into the wildness using some of these […]

Nature’s show: The Wasatch Wildflower Festival

Mother Nature showing off on one of Snowbird's trails.

My first summer in Salt Lake City has been a joy, wildflowers of all colors, shapes and sizes are already lining trails throughout the high Wasatch Range and will soon reach their peak. I just found out that coinciding with nature’s show is the 2013 Wasatch Wildflower Festival taking place July 26, 27 and 28th. […]

Quality meets ethics: Icebreaker’s Tech T Lite Merino Shirt

Icebreaker shirts

I cherish gear that performs and I have no patience for gear that doesn’t. In most cases, I look for items that can multi-task for economy of money, space and weight. Luckily, my work has the perk of allowing me to test a lot of new products. For the last month, I’ve been testing Icebreaker’s […]