Winter travel to Paris, France: Exploring French culture and food

I love escaping crowds whenever possible. After reading this guest post, I’m ready to finally visit Paris – in the winter! ~ Enjoy   While the City of Lights is a sight to behold in the summer months, Paris sparkles even more in the winter. The dazzling lights shining through a light blanket of snow, […]

No time? Un-pause your life and hit play

Instead of a literal journey, in this post I share a little about my personal journey. Many people think they can’t have adventure or travel in their lives, or let it go for some reason. I used to be one of them. Perhaps my story will inspire at least one person. I’ve skipped most of […]

Photo essay: The boutique hotels of Puebla

Few modern hotels have distinguishing features. However, in Puebla, all of the hotels we visited were in interesting historic buildings. The architecture alone was enchanting, and the rooms were tranquil refuges from modern glitz. Historic and avant-garde features combined to create fascinating contrasts, each making the other more interesting. Additionally, each property included a restaurant serving […]

Six Things to See and Do in Eastern Glacier National Park

Swiftcurrent Pass Trail

Information overload. That’s the typical response when visitors arrive on the eastern side of Glacier National Park, Montana. When a friend asked what he should see during his one-day visit, I was stumped. “One day?” I confirmed in awe, “but there’s so much to see!” Once I wrapped my head around his question, I suggested […]

Hosteling for the first time: Lessons learned

Bullhead Lake, Glacier National Park

The clerk at Brownies’ Bakery and Hostel handed me a padlock key from across the counter, and pointed toward a set of worn, painted stairs to the second story of the log building. Upstairs, I found my way through the dim living room, decorated in style that can only be described as early-American-garage-sale, to my […]

Backpacking logistics part 2: Planning and resupply

Planning a backpacking trip can be confusing… How many miles should you plan to hike each day? How will you re-supply food and fuel? These questions are interrelated and can be tough to answer if you haven’t had much experience with backpacking or adventure travel. Daily mileage impacts food planning, but as a new backpacker […]

Backpacking and hiking logistics, part 1: Transportation

RoadRunner Driving Service

“You wanna go where lady?” Is what I expected on the other end of the phone-line when I started calling around for a ride to the trailhead while planning to backpack a section of the AT. Instead, the reply was, “Sure! I drive backpackers up there all the time.” My adventure planning was off to […]