Canoe camping on the Lower Wisconsin River

I'm easily distracted by wildlife and pretty scenery.

I love camping and paddling, but until last month, I had never combined the two sports. The Wisconsin River was the perfect introduction to canoe camping. After about a 3.5-hour drive from Chicago, we were greeted warmly at Wisconsin River Outings in Boscobel, which provided our canoe and transport. We piled our gear into their […]

The Matterhorn: A challenging walking break

View from the Hornli Hut - Photo by Peter Stevens

Occasionally I accept sponsored guest posts if they offer useful information on adventure travel such as this one by Explore! ~ Enjoy!   There are many places in Europe you can choose for a walking holiday this summer, but few will allow you to walk in the shadow of one of the most recognizable and stunning […]

Cantona Archaeological Site, Puebla, Mexico

Overlooking the ruins from the top of a temple. Note the unexcavated sections beyond the walls.

Treading silently along ancient roads where 80,000 people once passed engaged my imagination. I pictured the streets full of people going about their daily routines, never thinking their home would later be abandoned, encased in centuries of accumulated soil and plant growth. Cantona, a Mesoamerican archaeological site located roughly 58 miles from the city of […]

A trail of contrasts: Mills Lake, Colorado

A trail of contrasts

This trail report is a re-post from my original blog, Trail Ridge Outdoors. Enjoy!   Dark clouds flowing over the mountains discouraged most of our group from hiking to Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), but my aunt and I weren’t about to miss this hike. A Twitter friend, @RMNP4MS had recommended it […]

Muddy TAG cavers support conservation

Photo-op in Limrock Blowing Cave

“Fire, fire, fire…,” chants the crowd, as a longhaired man wearing bat-print pajama bottoms launches a flaming arrow into the 20-foot tall bonfire. It lights with a loud ka-thump! About then, another lovely fellow wearing a red ball gown and blond wig allows me to take some glamour-shots of him before moving on into the […]

A close encounter with Florida’s manatees

Florida Manatee Swimming

As I slipped into the water, the cold took my breath away, but soon the wetsuit did its job and I felt better. At first, I couldn’t see anything due to disturbed silt, but then a large form materialized in front of me and there I was, just feet from an adult manatee. I stopped […]

Trip Report: Backpacking California’s Evolution Valley


Laura Manina, my sister and fellow backpacker, shares her experiences and tips on backpacking a 57-mile loop to the Evolution Valley. Many thanks to her for this great post and pictures! You can learn more about her travels with her husband, Mitch, on ~   Evolution Valley. First, it was a suggestion, and then […]

Six Things to See and Do in Eastern Glacier National Park

Swiftcurrent Pass Trail

Information overload. That’s the typical response when visitors arrive on the eastern side of Glacier National Park, Montana. When a friend asked what he should see during his one-day visit, I was stumped. “One day?” I confirmed in awe, “but there’s so much to see!” Once I wrapped my head around his question, I suggested […]

Blown away: Glacier National Park’s Cracker Lake Trail

Cracker Lake

      I wrote this post as part of my MatadorU writing course.  Our assignment was to flash-back from today to a memorable event. The trail to Cracker Lake was one of the most memorable I’ve ever hiked, especially since it was the windiest – at least 40 mph, maybe more. Enjoy.   My […]