Fly camping tips and tricks: The podcast

Fly Camping

Several weeks ago, I had such a good response to the photo of my parents fly camp that I posted, that it gave me the idea to record a Fly Camping episode over on my podcast at AME High. Fly camping is simply camping with your plane, and is also called airplane camping. I guess […]

Adventure film review & giveaway: Tell it on the Mountain


Sometimes the urge to take a long walk in nature is irresistible. For years, I have had a really long walk on my list of things I plan to do, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I’ve picked away at sections, and this was supposed to my summer to do the whole thing, but I embarked on […]

Unusual activities to try in La Plagne, France

Ski areas at La Plagne, France

Today’s guest post features a few unusual activities found in La Plagne, France. Enjoy! La Plagne in France is a brilliant place for a skiing or snowboarding holiday, but that’s not actually the main reason I want to go there (though it certainly helps!). What really caught my attention about La Plagne was its brilliant […]

All-inclusive ski vacations in Italy… a simple getaway

I’ve had fun adding more international guest-posts to the blog recently. This one explores Italy’s all-inclusive ski resorts. Enjoy…   Italy is a beautiful nation rich in culture and an ideal choice for an all-inclusive break. The country is a popular winter sports destination and boasts some excellent resorts if you’re after a truly luxurious […]

Out on a ledge in Zion National Park

“Nope, no way, I’m not climbing out on that rock so you can take a picture,” was the last thing I said before climbing out on that rock just off the Observation Point Trail in Zion National Park. Confession time, “The Active Explorer” is afraid of heights, not all heights, just natural ledges when I’m […]

Don’t just lie there… Six adventure activities in Riviera Maya

My newest addiction...

Riviera Maya, known for its alabaster beaches and blue water, is also home to a variety of adventure activities. Some are adrenaline packed while others are relaxing forays into the natural side of the region. So when you are sick of just laying there, get up and find adventure. I recently visited the area on […]

Feeding my adrenaline addiction in Riviera Maya

In case you missed it, I’m an adrenaline junkie. Well, I guess it’s hard to miss if you’re a regular reader of this blog. So when an invitation to experience Riviera Maya’s adventurous side I could hardly contain myself. First, I took a few deep breaths before replying via email so it wouldn’t be too […]

Returning to Riviera Maya

Cenote Ikkil

This May, I visited Riviera Maya to attend the Word Travel and Tourism Council Summit of the Americas. While I was thrilled to be part of the event, I was restless to get out and explore the more adventurous side of the region. This part of Mexico offers numerous adventure activities from snorkeling to rappelling […]

Tahoe hiking: Bay View to Azure Lake

A little background before I launch into this post. I was raised an only child by a pair of VERY adventurous parents. I knew since I was 11 years old that I had a half-sister (that the last time I’ll use the “half” part) somewhere but I had never met her. About a year ago, […]