Photo escape: A smokey sunset in Millcreek Canyon

Millcreek Canyon Sunset

Fires near Salt Lake City have filled the valley with an unpleasant haze recently. Last night after dinner, my friend and I drove to the top of Millcreek Canyon, mostly to correct he fact that I had never been there.  To our surprise, the visit was timed perfectly to catch a sunset made more dramatic […]

Photo escape: Sunset and wildflowers at Alta Ski Area

Alta Ski Area Sunset

I picked my camera up for fun last night after nearly three months of only shooting work photos. A friend had invited me to view the wildflower bloom and sunset at Alta Ski Area about 35 minutes from my home in Salt Lake City. Realizing I hadn’t had my Nikon outdoors since I moved here, […]

Photo escape and quote: Contemplating risk

Rocky trail in Desolation

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. ~ Theodore Roosevelt I’ve been giving this quote a lot of thought […]

Photo escape: A second look at Many Glacier Valley

Bullhead Lake on the Swiftcurrent Trail

Sometimes the best images aren’t the first ones we notice. Tonight I decided to go back through my shots of Glacier National Park looking for “second round” picks. I was surprised at the great captures I hadn’t paid attention to initially. If you’re not familiar, Many Glacier Valley is on the east side of the […]

Photo escape: Riviera Maya sunrise at the Le Reve

Sunrise at Le Reve

In September, I was one of a group of bloggers hosted by the Riviera Maya Tourism Board. We stayed at the Le Reve Hotel and Spa which not only offer lux boutique accommodations and awesome food, but some of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve ever seen. I would wake before dawn and wander down to […]

Photo escape: A sandy campsite on the Lower Wisconsin River

Sandy Camping on the Wisconsin

Last summer, I canoe camped for the first time. We paddled along the lower Wisconsin River for most of the day stopping to swim and have lunch along the way. One of the most notable qualities of this river is prevalence of gold sand beaches along not its only banks, but also covering the islands […]

Photos of the day: Three bloggers kayaking the Wekiwa

Fran and Rachelle paddling

For the past week, I’ve completely slacked on blog posts. First I had a few typical “life” events crop up, and now I’m stricken with an upper respiratory bug that has the unexpected side effect of making me forget how to spel. So today, I’m going to keep things simple and share a few photos […]

Photo of the day: View from Observation Point Trail in Zion

View from the trail leading to Observation Point in Zion National Park. Amazing!

The changing color of the rock in Zion was nearly as impressive as the size of the cliffs. Sometimes the color shift was so sudden it looked like it had been striped by a painter. Unfortunately our hike on the Observation Point Trail had us shooting photos into the sun most of the day. Next […]