The OmniGames in three minutes [VIDEO]

Feeling fierce! Photo by David Creech

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. -Vince Lombardi While working on yesterday’s OmniGames post, we quickly found that there just wasn’t a way to fully relay the feel of the games in one post, so we added a video. […]

The OmniGames: Finding common bonds and inspiration in the outdoors

Dog Sled Park City

This post, while mostly written in my voice, was a collaborative effort between Andrew Commander and myself. A middle-aged flight instructor, a student, and a multi-million dollar corporation walk into a bar… What do they have in common? Nope, not a joke, and the student almost couldn’t get in because he was under-age. I’ll leave […]

Summer fun on the slopes: Canyons Resort Mountain Bike Clinic

Canyons Bike Park

Do you know that deep grind you get in your gut you get before you face something that scares you? I know it well. It hits me before I do something related to heights, or when facing an emotional challenge. Okay, there are times I’d rather roll uncontrolled down a steep mountain than face a […]

Free to fall: The Psicobloc Masters Series climbing competition

Psicobloc Climber Fall

Wearing neither a harness nor rope, the climber stretched her arm toward the distant hold using every muscle in her body to stay connected to the overhanging wall. Gravity won, pealing her off the wall to a splash landing in a pool 30-feet below. Shortly after, another climber reached the top of the 50-foot wall […]