Five great early winter hikes in Salt Lake City

Mount Van Cott View

We’ve already had a good amount of snowfall on the Wasatch Mountains covering some of the higher trails that I haunted throughout the hot summer months. I’m not giving up hiking just yet however. Now is a perfect time to hike some of my favorite trails along the “Front Range” of the Wasatch. These are […]

Playtime at Snowbird Ski Resort: Oktoberfest and epic views

Active Explorer on top of Hidden Peak

Seriously overworked with a case of sleep deprivation, I drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon for a needed break at Snowbird Ski Resort. My plan…meet with fellow blogger Joshua Riggins for an afternoon of Oktoberfest fun, connect with the Ski Utah crew for dinner on Hidden Peak, enjoy drinks at Aerie, and spend the night in […]

Summer fun on the slopes: Canyons Resort Mountain Bike Clinic

Canyons Bike Park

Do you know that deep grind you get in your gut you get before you face something that scares you? I know it well. It hits me before I do something related to heights, or when facing an emotional challenge. Okay, there are times I’d rather roll uncontrolled down a steep mountain than face a […]

The value of persistence: Glacier’s Red Eagle Lake

Red Eagle Trail Bridge

A couple of summers ago I visited Glacier National Park and hiked to Red Eagle Lake. I’d already put on a lot of miles before that 17-mile day. The mosquitoes were relentless at the beginning of the hike and I had a lot on mind. Basically, I questioned myself for heading out. When I got […]

Finding a clear view: Butler Fork to Mount Raymond

Mount Raymond Utah View

It is not the eye that understands, but the mind. ~ African proverb A rocky knife-edge rose up ahead of me like the spine of a large monster. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic because I really don’t like heights. I stood there alone, wondering if this really was the trail to Mount Raymond. “Seriously, […]

Wildflowers overtake Alta Ski Area – photos document colorful invasion

Sign and wildflowers at Alta Ski Area

An invasion of plant life dressed in bright uniforms of red, purple, yellow, pink and white took over the Alta Ski Area this summer. A contingent of hummingbirds and bumblebees provided additional support to the assault… Okay, I’ll stop with the silliness. “Stunning, vibrant, and off the rails,” are a few of the terms I’ve […]

Solo expression: Challenge Buttress

Winky and Waxman go bolting

Rarely do we get to express ourselves as purely as we’d like to but when it does happen, it’s truly a thing of beauty! Recently, many things have been put into an intricate perspective for me and I am continually learning how grow with them. It seems all too often we get trapped in a […]

Photo escape: Solo climb swing

Brandon Aegerter solo climbing

The outdoors has long been my place of solace, the place where I go to work through emotions or simply revel in gratitude. Typically, I need to be solo to reap those benefits. The Active Explorer’s new climbing contributor, Brandon Aegerter, has also expressed a need for solo time in his post Climbing: From personal […]

Photo escape: A smokey sunset in Millcreek Canyon

Millcreek Canyon Sunset

Fires near Salt Lake City have filled the valley with an unpleasant haze recently. Last night after dinner, my friend and I drove to the top of Millcreek Canyon, mostly to correct he fact that I had never been there.  To our surprise, the visit was timed perfectly to catch a sunset made more dramatic […]

Gratitude on the Triple Falls Trail, Oregon

Oneonta Creek Pano

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind. ~ Albert Einstein A self-indulgent whim hit me and I hit purchase on a flight to Portland, Oregon. Thoughts of cooler temps and a visit to Columbia Sportswear’s headquarters filled my head. I’d seen photos of hikes in the Columbia River Gorge area […]