Photos of the day: Three bloggers kayaking the Wekiwa

Fran and Rachelle paddling

For the past week, I’ve completely slacked on blog posts. First I had a few typical “life” events crop up, and now I’m stricken with an upper respiratory bug that has the unexpected side effect of making me forget how to spel. So today, I’m going to keep things simple and share a few photos […]

Orlando Wetlands Park: Trails, wildlife, and wastewater treatment

Orlando Wetlands Park-1

The first time I hiked at the Orlando Wetlands Park it didn’t fully sink in that the area was actually a 1,220-acre wastewater treatment project. I mean, it’s absolutely gorgeous and full of wildlife. This visit, I grew more curious as I noticed culverts directing water flow from section to section. In another area, I […]