What’s in my pack: A seriously rugged camera

Filming in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

I play hard, get dirty, wet, and spend full days outside in below freezing temps – usually with a camera in hand. Photography is an important part of my life, but I have no patience for a camera that slows me down or takes crappy images. I need a rugged camera that also takes killer […]

What’s in my pack: The Compounder II Shell

Columbia Sportswear Compounder Shell

I have a jacket fetish. Well, it’s accurate to say I have an outdoor gear fetish and jackets happen to be a big part of that. When I’m hiking during a changing season, it’s hard to pick the right jacket to keep me warm but not over-heat me. Rain resistance and a hood are big […]

What’s my pack: The Geigerrig Rig 1210

Geigerrig 1210 at Arches National Park

A good daypack is like a friend on the trail. The right one will care for and nurture you. The wrong one is a burden. Geez, sounds a little like a relationship. Anyhow, I’ve hiked with many different models, even from the same manufacturers, and no two are the same. In fact, I’ve determined you […]

What’s in my pack: Snuggly Toes foot warmers

Alpacas aren't just adorable, their fur makes durable products too.

Throughout the year, I receive items to test. Most are from large manufacturers or retailers. However, three times this year I received items from small businesses that have developed innovative, awesome products. I can’t help but get super excited when I get to be a part of what they are building – the American Dream. […]

What’s in my pack: Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guides

Building a Survival Kit

Could you save your own life? I spend a lot of time alone in the wilderness and I’ll admit sometimes I worry about what I would do if I were injured or lost for a few days before help arrived. The reality is I’d be stupid if I didn’t think about what could go wrong […]

What’s in my pack: A Gobi Gear Hoboroll

My Hoboroll loaded for play in Riviera Maya, Mexico

There is never enough room in my backpack or my suitcase. I do my best to organize and compress things to a fraction of their original size, but the first time I dig around looking for something that inevitably is at the bottom of my bag, all of my efforts are for naught. I utilize […]

What’s in my pack: A pair of Holeys clogs

My Holeys hang out on the side of my pack. If I have a small load, I'll put them inside.

There’s a story behind my camp shoes. After backpacking for several days on the Appalachian Trail, my friend and I headed to Damascus, Virginia, also known as Trail Town USA, due to the convergence of four scenic trails: the Appalachian Trail, Trans-America National Bicycle Trail, The Iron Mountain Trail, and the Virginia Creeper Trail. Damascus […]

What’s in my pack: CLIF Bars

Clif Bars in my pack

I depend on complex carbohydrates and protein to fuel my body for adventures sports, but sometimes it’s a struggle to consume all that I need. To conserve space and weight, I look for compact sources of nutrients, such as energy and protein bars. However, I must be honest; some of them taste awful or are […]

What’s in my pack? A K-mart grease pot

K-mart Grease Pot

This is a new series where I will discuss one item I carry either in my backpack, day-pack or camera bag, as well as one I don’t. I came up with the idea after being asked repeatedly what I carry. What items are “must haves” is very individual, so these are just my preferences. Perhaps […]