From farm to my table: Sun Basket (really) delivered

Sun Basket Meal Review

Whoa! This is one product review I’d like to volunteer to do over and over. Sun Basket was that good! That it included food delivered to my door…score! Eating healthy is an integral part of a comprehensive fitness plan, yet it is often the most challenging – especially when the week gets busy. The holidays […]

A menu for adventure: Staying active and well fed

Planning meals on the run.

  I like to eat. This mostly has to do with my active lifestyle; I burn calories fast when I’m running, climbing, or paddling. Because I’m on the go constantly, I have to pack healthy food to avoid eating convenience-store crap or restaurant food. The problem is keeping the food cold and yummy while I’m […]

Photo escape: Cooking school at Mesón Sacristía

Cooking school at Mesón Sacristía Ingedients

Attending a cooking class at Mesón Sacristía de la Compañia in Puebla, Mexico, was one of the highlights of my 2012 travel year. Chef Alonzo Hernández taught us how to prepare mole poblano, a classic Pueblan sauce rich with the flavors of chili, roasted tomatoes, and bitter chocolate. It’s not a simple process, and the […]

Cravings: Vibrant 3-Layer açaí bowl

Ingredients for tropical fruit bowl

I was rushing through my morning when my friend, Ėlf Ellefsen, surprised me with an exceptional breakfast. It was as pretty as it was nutritious, and I still don’t know how he knew I was about to skip the most important meal of the day. After devouring the bowl of goodness, I felt energized for […]

Coffee Craving: The Rose Estb in Salt Lake City

The Rose Estb - Interior

Frosty morning air made me walk a little faster toward The Rose Estb (I’m following their lead by abbreviating Establishment), a coffee spot I’d been hearing about for months. I was so chilled and under-caffeinated I started imagining the flavor of what I hoped would be a primo cup of java from a block away. […]

London wine and dine: The best restaurants and bars in Shoreditch


Enjoy this appetizing guest post highlighting the best restaurants and bars in Shoreditch, London. When you think of a night out in London, you may think of Leicester Square, Covent Garden or the West End. Perhaps Camden comes to mind, or the alternative streets of Tottenham Court Road? It’s surprising how fabulous the bars and […]

Fuel for adventure: Dining in South Lake Tahoe

An epic view over Lake Aloha.

Hiking in the Lake Tahoe area this summer certainly worked up my appetite and being a bit of a foodie, I set out to find where the locals eat in South Lake Tahoe. Of course, I couldn’t hit them all in one trip, so I progressively visited places over the course of three weeks, usually […]

Winter travel to Paris, France: Exploring French culture and food

Mmmmmm sweets!  - Photo Credit Stephen Carlile

I love escaping crowds whenever possible. After reading this guest post, I’m ready to finally visit Paris – in the winter! ~ Enjoy   While the City of Lights is a sight to behold in the summer months, Paris sparkles even more in the winter. The dazzling lights shining through a light blanket of snow, […]

Five favorite drinks from my travels

Moose Drool

I’ve logged thousands of miles over the last year and along the way I’ve found several drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that I enjoyed. Some drinks need to be enjoyed in the context of a place or experience or they lose their charm. For example, most of the time Summer Shandy wouldn’t be my first […]

Cravings: The Mount Dora Historic Inn’s peach ricotta pancakes

Sweet, creamy and tart peach ricotta pancakes.

There is something inherently romantic about a historic bed and breakfast. I’m not sure if it’s the feeling that time has stopped, like stepping into another era, or if it’s all of the pretty furniture and accessories. I especially like themed rooms with lots of small details that I would never think of adding in […]