A menu for adventure: Staying active and well fed

Planning meals on the run.

  I like to eat. This mostly has to do with my active lifestyle; I burn calories fast when I’m running, climbing, or paddling. Because I’m on the go constantly, I have to pack healthy food to avoid eating convenience-store crap or restaurant food. The problem is keeping the food cold and yummy while I’m […]

Podcast: Solo adventure tips and safety

Flowers at White Pine Lake, Utah

After a bit of a break, I’m back up and recording on the podcast. My break is not without cause. Let me share… For the last month, I’ve been eyeballs deep in building my business, Active Explorer Media. Actually, it’s more like formalizing something I’ve been doing for years. In addition to writing, I’m expanding […]

Managing fear while learning adventure sports

  Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~Dale Carnegie Boots planted on the ledge, harness checked, and my hand holding the rope in a brake position over the bar rack, I took […]

Dressing for cold weather travel on a budget

Snowy Day at Liberty Park, Salt Lake City

Last week I boarded a direct flight from 80-degree days into a winter storm warning. I didn’t have the funding to purchase a new winter wardrobe so I had to improvise. I pulled clothing layers and boots from my backpacking gear and bought a warm coat at a discount shop before leaving Florida. I’m staying […]

Restart your workout: Returning to exercise after a break

Returning to exercise can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you get back on track. Staying fit hasn’t been easy lately. Holiday parties are in full swing, I got sick, and I’ve been stuck at my desk most of the month. When I noticed a little “muffin-top” showing above my pants, I […]

Don’t become a tick-borne illness statistic…like me

The different sizes of a tick through it's life.

At least two dozen tiny nymph ticks clung tenaciously to my ankles and legs by the time I checked halfway through my hike. That was two and half weeks ago. Now I’m suffering the effects of tick-borne illness including a miserable rash extending from my ankles to my thighs. When I found the ticks, they […]

Six fitness tips for adventurers

AT Hike

Are you fit for adventure? Notice I didn’t ask if you look good in a swimsuit. That’s because being fit for adventure isn’t about a perfectly trim figure. It’s about much more. Strength, nutrition and  cardiovascular endurance are all important facets of fitness. The good news, it’s not expensive, complicated or boring. However, it will […]

No time? Un-pause your life and hit play

Instead of a literal journey, in this post I share a little about my personal journey. Many people think they can’t have adventure or travel in their lives, or let it go for some reason. I used to be one of them. Perhaps my story will inspire at least one person. I’ve skipped most of […]

Hosteling for the first time: Lessons learned

Bullhead Lake, Glacier National Park

The clerk at Brownies’ Bakery and Hostel handed me a padlock key from across the counter, and pointed toward a set of worn, painted stairs to the second story of the log building. Upstairs, I found my way through the dim living room, decorated in style that can only be described as early-American-garage-sale, to my […]

Backpacking logistics part 2: Planning and resupply

Planning a backpacking trip can be confusing… How many miles should you plan to hike each day? How will you re-supply food and fuel? These questions are interrelated and can be tough to answer if you haven’t had much experience with backpacking or adventure travel. Daily mileage impacts food planning, but as a new backpacker […]