My first taste of backcountry telemark skiing

Chilling on the Mountain

Free the heel, free the mind… I didn’t think I would like skiing, now I dream about it. The joy of skiing wasn’t immediate when I took lessons in January. The first two days really challenged me and I wasn’t completely thrilled with being around so many people. Part of that issue had to do […]

Photo escape: Backcountry Telemark skiing

Skinning up the hill

Having moved to Salt Lake at the tail end of snow season, I’ve pushed to fit in all I can before the snow gives way to grass. Several weeks ago, I headed out snowshoeing with a friend (a post I have yet to write), who wore Telemark (tele) skis. I found myself immediately envious of […]

Closing day at Brighton Ski Resort: Costumes, dummies and snowsports

The Barcalounger at Brighton Dummy Downhill

As a kid, I was the wallflower sitting in the corner of the classroom. Well, for the brief period of time I wasn’t living on a boat being home schooled…. Okay, on to my point, I’m not naturally outgoing, I have to work at it. That said, few things make me more uncomfortable than dressing […]

Photo essay: Brighton Ski Resort, Utah

Snowboarder at Brighton Resort

Utah’s Brighton Ski Resort attracts a laid-back mix of snowboarders and skiers. It was the first mountain in Utah to allow snowboarders and caters to them to this day, so no snobbery here. It also features terrain for all abilities, offers child-care for families, and night skiing is available in the park and pipe areas. […]

Learning to ski: Dress for success on the slopes

Brighton Ski School Class

No one learns well when distracted by shivering and numb fingers. Clothes can make a difference between enjoying the experience and being miserable. This post is a companion article to my Learning to Ski post published a couple of weeks ago. Frankly, the original post got too long so I had to chop this section […]

Unusual activities to try in La Plagne, France

Ski areas at La Plagne, France

Today’s guest post features a few unusual activities found in La Plagne, France. Enjoy! La Plagne in France is a brilliant place for a skiing or snowboarding holiday, but that’s not actually the main reason I want to go there (though it certainly helps!). What really caught my attention about La Plagne was its brilliant […]

Learning to ski: Three days of fun at Brighton’s Snow Sports School

Turning on Green Class at Brighton

I do not participate in any sport with ambulances at the bottom of the hill. ~Erma Bombeck This quote pretty much sums up why I avoided learning to ski until well into my 40s. Eventually I ran out of stupid things to do to my body, and I needed something to do in the winter, […]