Flying, Fishing and Sleeping Under a Wing: Fly-in Camping for Every Pilot

fly in camping

I could taste the trout. My friend George reserved our campsite in advance, obsessed with the fact that access to the airstrip was limited to those arriving to Nehalem Bay by plane. We had big plans to rent a boat, fish, hike Neah-kah-nie Mountain, and pitch a tent by his plane. Before we flew in […]

Five ways to make enemies at a public campground

Decorated Campsite

Folks who enjoy camping often find time with nature appealing. They like watching wildlife, relaxing by a fire and escaping the noise of city-life. Public campgrounds are full of these unique people and offer wonderful opportunities to express your inner jerk. Take your talents out of town and into the wildness using some of these […]

Fly camping tips and tricks: The podcast

Fly Camping

Several weeks ago, I had such a good response to the photo of my parents fly camp that I posted, that it gave me the idea to record a Fly Camping episode over on my podcast at AME High. Fly camping is simply camping with your plane, and is also called airplane camping. I guess […]

Photo escape: A sandy campsite on the Lower Wisconsin River

Sandy Camping on the Wisconsin

Last summer, I canoe camped for the first time. We paddled along the lower Wisconsin River for most of the day stopping to swim and have lunch along the way. One of the most notable qualities of this river is prevalence of gold sand beaches along not its only banks, but also covering the islands […]

Great places to camp and get active in the UK

Mount Snowdon - Snowdonia National Park - Llanberis - Gwynedd - North Wales - United Kingdom

Today’s guest post has some excellent tips on planning an adventurous or active vacation in the UK. Personally, I want to see the mountain in the photo above! Enjoy ~   The UK is a great place to get outdoors. There are so many beautiful, interesting landscapes that just beg to be explored on foot, […]

Choosing the right size tent

MSR Hubba Hubba

I don’t like elbows in the ribs or being snuggled close by a tent-mate I don’t like that way…. Put simply, packing too many people into a tent is a good way to ruin a camping trip. Manufacturers label with the number of people they will fit – with no room to spare. Why? Tent […]

Canoe camping on the Lower Wisconsin River

I love camping and paddling, but until last month, I had never combined the two sports. The Wisconsin River was the perfect introduction to canoe camping. After about a 3.5-hour drive from Chicago, we were greeted warmly at Wisconsin River Outings in Boscobel, which provided our canoe and transport. We piled our gear into their […]

South African Boma Bread

Rachelle Roasting South African Bama Bread

Enjoy this guest post by Rachelle Lucas, aka @travelblggr ~ Thanks Rachelle!   “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” — James Beard There is something about sharing a meal together around a camp fire that seems to instantly bond friendships. I don’t know if it’s the glow of the embers, warming up next […]