Finding strength on Lone Peak

View of Lone Peak From the Ridge -

Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses. – Marilyn vos Savant Utah’s Lone Peak tops at out 11,263’ and is considered the most difficult 11,000+ peak in the Wasatch Rage due to the mileage and vertical gain. It is an imposing peak, visible from Salt Lake City to Provo. With […]

Five great early winter hikes in Salt Lake City

Mount Van Cott View

We’ve already had a good amount of snowfall on the Wasatch Mountains covering some of the higher trails that I haunted throughout the hot summer months. I’m not giving up hiking just yet however. Now is a perfect time to hike some of my favorite trails along the “Front Range” of the Wasatch. These are […]

Two lakes, one hike: Dog and Desolation Lakes

Trail Sign to Dog and Desolation

I have come to see the nonsense of trying to describe fine scenery. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne Some hikes just aren’t long enough. That was the case when I hiked to Dog Lake in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City. The hike had nice elevation gain and a little bit of snow to trudge through, […]

A short hike with great views: Mount Van Cott, Salt Lake City

View from the summit of Mount Van Cott

My sister drove from Florida to Utah with me then stayed on a few days while I settled into my new home. Hiking and a visit to Ruby Snap Cookies were top priories while she was here. Looking for a short route near the city, low enough to be clear of snow; we opted for […]