What to Expect at the Alta Lodge

Alta Lodge Winter

I’m always on the prowl for hangouts with local flavor. Even though Steve and I ski at Alta most of the winter, I had yet to visit a single business other than the on mountain cafes. Finally a few folks got wise to my single-minded visits (powder skiing) and invited me to spend the night. […]

Christmas Ski Holidays: Top Five Festive Options

It may still be the summer but it’s scary how quickly Christmas can creep up on you and if you want this festive season to be an unforgettable one, you could consider one of the all inclusive ski holidays that are available to book online at the moment. The mountains are a perfect choice for […]

Family travel:How to do Disney on a budget

Disney Sign

  Walt Disney World may be the most magical place on Earth, but it’s also among the most expensive. Here, we show you how to visit Florida’s House of the Mouse without sacrificing your life savings. (Here’s a hint: It’s not as difficult as you think.) 1. Choose your travel dates wisely. In other words, […]

Fly camping tips and tricks: The podcast

Fly Camping

Several weeks ago, I had such a good response to the photo of my parents fly camp that I posted, that it gave me the idea to record a Fly Camping episode over on my podcast at AME High. Fly camping is simply camping with your plane, and is also called airplane camping. I guess […]

Dressing for cold weather travel on a budget

Snowy Day at Liberty Park, Salt Lake City

Last week I boarded a direct flight from 80-degree days into a winter storm warning. I didn’t have the funding to purchase a new winter wardrobe so I had to improvise. I pulled clothing layers and boots from my backpacking gear and bought a warm coat at a discount shop before leaving Florida. I’m staying […]

Want to travel more? Let remote office tools set you free

A man is working with a nootebook outdoors

If you could work remotely, would you spend more time traveling? If the answer is “yes” then you are where I was just over a year ago. I knew I wanted to travel, but I still had to keep a business running, so I set out to find the remote office tools I needed to […]

Six reasons to stay in a hostel on your next trip

Hostels are a popular choice for budget travelers across the world. Contrary to popular belief, they are not just for youth; you will find all ages and even families. While saving is a big advantage, it isn’t the only reason to choose a hostel; there are many other benefits to choosing a hostel instead of […]

Exploring the Greek Island of Rhodes

Rhodes, Greece

Today’s guest post has me adding a new destination to my travel wish-list…. Enjoy! Greece is an eternally popular holiday destination that enthralls and delights visitors year after year, and it’s certainly not hard to see why. From its ancient architecture and mythical tales of gods and beasts, to its golden sands and soaring rugged […]

Road trip music for the Active Explorer

Since the late 1930’s when Route 66 was completed, road trips have become a staple of the American people.  I have fond memories of my parents packing up the station wagon (and later the mini-van), ushering my brother and I into the back seats,  and trekking across America to some distant family member or long […]

Fuel for adventure: Dining in South Lake Tahoe

An epic view over Lake Aloha.

Hiking in the Lake Tahoe area this summer certainly worked up my appetite and being a bit of a foodie, I set out to find where the locals eat in South Lake Tahoe. Of course, I couldn’t hit them all in one trip, so I progressively visited places over the course of three weeks, usually […]