Summer fun on the slopes: Canyons Resort Mountain Bike Clinic

Canyons Bike Park

Do you know that deep grind you get in your gut you get before you face something that scares you? I know it well. It hits me before I do something related to heights, or when facing an emotional challenge. Okay, there are times I’d rather roll uncontrolled down a steep mountain than face a […]

Great places to camp and get active in the UK

Mount Snowdon - Snowdonia National Park - Llanberis - Gwynedd - North Wales - United Kingdom

Today’s guest post has some excellent tips on planning an adventurous or active vacation in the UK. Personally, I want to see the mountain in the photo above! Enjoy ~   The UK is a great place to get outdoors. There are so many beautiful, interesting landscapes that just beg to be explored on foot, […]