A Sunday afternoon…. Mount Dora style!

Cheese and Fruit Plate

Fruit and Cheese Plate at Maggie's Attic

A Sunday afternoon spent with friends, wine and dogs is never wasted.  A point proved once again this weekend when the Central Florida TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) Chapter held their monthly meeting in Mount Dora, beginning with lunch at One Flight Up, followed by a wine tasting at Maggie’s Attic.

Mount Dora is a lakeside town roughly thirty minutes north of Orlando known for its gently sloping streets, antique shops, inns, and a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes.  The town is also renowned for its many festivals–art, music, craft, bicycle, plant and garden–just to name a few.  For a schedule of events, dinning ideas, and lodging suggestions, visit WhatToDoInMountDora.com.

We started our afternoon with lunch at One Flight Up, a fun hang out with tasty food and several side rooms perfect for meetings. It would have been easy to spend hours sitting on the comfortable sofas, drinking coffee and chatting with my fellow bloggers, but Maggie’s Attic invited us to a wine tasting.

Maggie’s Attic stocks an impressive selection of wine and beer in a cozy space.  The owner and staff were very knowledgeable and led me through a flight of four wines.  I’m not well versed on wine, I just know what I like.  The selections they offered for tasting opened my eyes to several new wines.  First, I sampled Z’IVO Pinot Noir, from Oregon, which was my favorite.  Next, I tried Durigutti Malbec, from Argentina, Peju Cabernet, from California and Palarea Merlot, from Spain.

With the wine, they served an artfully arranged fruit and cheese plate, which became the subject of an impromptu photo shoot.  That’s what happens when a dozen travel bloggers with cameras gather for wine and beer.  Maggie’s Attic, like much of Mount Dora, is dog friendly.  The combination of the casually elegant décor, wine, conversation, and pups, made for an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon.

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